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This tool is designed to give you an idealized college timeline. If you’re starting high school, OrganizeU encourages you to think about tasks early, so there is plenty of time to complete them without rushing. Of course, situations are different for each student, but in our combined 20+ years of college mentoring experience, we’ve found that following this college planning timeline makes applying to college much easier.

For juniors and seniors, this timeline incorporates application deadlines for over 1000 universities, including over 50 schools outside of the US. In the right-hand bar, you can add colleges, save your progress, and export your timeline to either iCal or Google Calendar so you never miss an application deadline. If you choose to anonymously save your calendar, we’ll send you an email with a link so you can share it with others and come back and edit it yourself if your college list changes.

To get started, tell us what year you’ll graduate from high school, and then we’ll take it from there!

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Take the SAT or ACT
If you haven't taken an official SAT or ACT test, now is the time. Many students find that their scores are lower than they anticipate when they take a test at a test center, due to running out of time, an unfamiliar testing environment, or just nervousness. It's better to figure that out now!

If you decide you'd like a tutor, we can help!

Competitive Scholarships Open
Over the next few months, many competitive scholarships will begin accepting applications. Most close before the end of the fall, so now is the time to look if you're interested in being awarded bigger amounts.
Final SAT/ACT Score
Given that some early decision and regular decision deadlines are in mid-October, we encourage students to have an ACT or SAT score that they're happy with by this date. You can continue to take the SAT and ACT into the fall, but you may not get the scores back in time to be considered along with your applications.

Click here for tips to help raise your score!

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Multiple states are now requiring that students and their parents submit the FAFSA in order to graduate from high school.  Plus, the earlier it's submitted, the more money you're likely to be allocated. If you're not a US citizen, you may still need to submit the FAFSA to be considered for need-based aid from your university.
EA and ED Deadlines
A handful of schools, including popular ones like UNC Chapel Hill, have deadlines in mid-October. Don't be surprised!
EA and ED Deadlines
Many schools have their early deadlines at the beginning of November. 
Finalize Scholarship List
If you're thinking about applying to scholarships in the Spring, you should aim to complete that list prior to the start of your winter break. Ideally, you would finish your regular decision applications and immediately move on to scholarship applications, but we understand that everyone needs a break sometimes!


Regular Decision Deadlines
January and February are when most schools have their regular decision deadlines.
Scholarship Deadlines
Many scholarships will be closing their applications over the next few months, so if you're interested in applying for scholarships, start looking!
Make a Decision
Congratulations!  You've submitted all your applications and gotten your acceptance letters. Today is the deadline to make a final decision about which college you'll attend and submit a deposit.
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